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3.5 Inch 320*240 TFT LCD with Resistive Touch Screen
Nov 22, 2018
Basic Info

  • Touch Screen Type: Resistive

  • Response Time: 1ms

  • Display Technology: TFT

  • Resolution: 320*240

  • Voltage: 6-40V

  • Trademark: Proculus

  • Origin: China

  • Usage: Small-sized LCM

  • Type: LCM

  • Viewing Angle: IPS

  • Scale: 4:3

  • Brightness: 400 Nits

  • Interface: RS232

  • Specification: 3.5 Inches

Product Description
  • Display

Color65K (65536) colors16 bit color 5R6G5B
Visual Angle L/R/U/D70°/70°/50°/70° 
Resolution320*24090° rotated display (240*320)
Backlight /Lifecycle/BrightnessLED/20,000 HOURS/ 400 cd/m2
Working Temperature-20~+70oC/-30~+80oC64 levels adjustment
Static ESD±12KV 
  • Voltage & Current

Power Voltage-61240V
Operation CurrentVIN = 12V, Backlight on-120-mA
VIN = 24V, Backlight on-70-mA
VIN = 12V, Backlight off-60-mA
  • Interface

Data Format1 byte for initial, 8 bytes for data, invalid bytes for checksum, 1 byte for end
SocketSMD2.0-8P with lock catch
  • Peripherals 

1Touch Screen4-wire resistance touch screen: P32240V35I_T30
4-wire capacitive touch screen: P32240V35I_P30
No touch screen: P32240V35I_N30
4USBYES. For downloading offline or user data copy.
5USB MiniYES. For online debugging.
6AudioSupport *.MP3 files. Theoretically 4096 file at maximum. Speaker power: 4Ω2W or 8Ω2W.
7KeyboardSupport external row keyboard.
8Memory128M(support *.jpg files, maximum 65536 files theoretically), extended to 1G at maximum.

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