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As You Resolve The Multiple Advantages Of LCD:(1)
Nov 07, 2016

One, seamless, in recent years, with stitching Technology LCD slot bottlenecks continue to achieve substantive breakthroughs, currently Emperor Ai Di development of LCD products have double seam can be controlled at the lowest industry 3.5mm, adequate protection of the integrity of the image.

Second, large size, mainly single-screen size will make a breakthrough. Large size can reduce the stitching unit, and will reduce seam on the overall picture of "cutting", improve the overall sense of the picture.

Third, modular and intelligent, ultra slim LCD installed application has a strong advantage, making installation and operation more convenient. But as a dedicated large screen display device, its installation and debugging is quite complicated, and important links. In everyday applications in order to achieve the function, often also need other equipment, such as matrix, Splitter, cables, and so on. At present, many manufacturers are trying to make installation easier. For this reason, Emperor Ai Di took the lead in adopting advanced modular design, built-in high-performance splicing modules and other unique technology, tiled display system setup, management is very convenient.

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