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As You Resolve The Multiple Advantages Of LCD:(2)
Nov 07, 2016

Four, and digital HD of and network, LCD mosaic screen can achieved picture segmentation single displayed or more screen displayed of hundred variable big screen function: single segmentation displayed, and single separate displayed, and any combination displayed, and full screen LCD mosaic, and double mosaic LCD mosaic screen, and vertical screen displayed, image border can selected compensation or cover, support digital signal of roaming, and zoom stretch, and across screen displayed, various displayed plans of set and run, full HD signal real-time processing.

Five, and open of and can extended of, Emperor Ai Di LCD mosaic screen followed open system of principles, system except can directly access VGA, and RGB, and video signal outside, also should can access network signal, and broadband voice,, can at any time on various signal for switch and the dynamic integrated displayed, to user provides a interactive platform, and support two times development; system due increased new equipment and new function of capacity, makes hardware expanded became very simple. Meanwhile, the software only needs to be expanded and upgraded to meet the requirements, without having to modify the source code. System hardware and software to facilitate "the times".

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