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Intelligent Advertising Machine, Smart City
Nov 07, 2016

Intelligent advertising became mainstream trend, based on the network platform, using a unique distributed regional management technology, realizing the network automatically update the ad program, unified management. Through this system, you can easily build multimedia advertising network, unified information publishing. High quality encoding video and audio signals, pictures, information and scroll through the network to the disk drive, and then convert the combination of multimedia information display Terminal video signal broadcast, in addition to playing financial information, can also be played in real time instant information such as news, weather reports, property announcements and the latest information to be passed on to consumers in the first time.

Intelligent advertising machine by subject screen and Board, and power Board, and displayed Board, composition, national currently vigorously advocates new energy energy-saving environmental, from chip level to products level, each step are points to low power, and high stable, and low noise, and small size of technology development, LCD advertising machine in guarantee stable output of premise Xia, more of energy-saving environmental, low energy grade became measure standard one of.

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