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Ksa-580 High Performance Knitting Machine Computer Touch Screen Control Panel
Mar 01, 2017
Basic Info
  • Processing Type: Metal Processing

  • Material: Metal

  • Mechanical Process: Wire Cutting

  • Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000

  • Condition: New

  • Classification: Shaft Parts

  • Match Machine: Knitting Machine

  • Processing Level: Nano Machining

  • Processing Trade: Processing with Material Supplied

  • Customized: Non-Customized

  • Origin: China

Product Description
In order to avoid shorting between the parts or circuit, don`t place metal objects inside control box .
Because the electronic components on PCB are sensitive to ESD, to avoid damage to the device, do not touch components or the circuit boards inside ox until all static control precautions have been taken. Connect the cover to earth ground with a wire properly.
Pay attention to the ambient temperature and the device of ventilation
Only a qualified personnel has right to uninstall this equipment .Please perform wiring strictly according to the basic wiring diagram.
The rated power supply voltage is 220V ±20%
  1. Press "TOTAL" to choose to displaying the eight digital value of total or the total count of three shifts(A+B+C)

  2. Press "SEL" to display the six digital value of the total counts of A shift or B or C.

  3. Press "RSET" to make the value of total counts of shift to zero , or B shift or C shift

B.1.When the switch of counter is on , the counter indicator is lighting to identify easily that the signal has been input or not.
  1. Speed of running setting : press the "UP/DOWN" key directly (0-63)

The value setting had adopted two sections of the auto accelerating mode to increase or decrease. And press the "UP/DOWN" key to adjust the value to what you want . So the operation is simple and expedient
  1. left monitor: the monitor in always lighting in running and flashing in setting state.

  1. running:

The "1" is displayed to show that it is knitting cloth state
The "2" is displayed to show that it is in clean state
B.setting :
The"1" is displayed to show that the cloth is setting
The "2" is displayed to show that the clean is set
The "3" is displayed to show that it is the protection at maximal speed
The "4" is displayed to show the machine is heated
  1. Right monitor: display the value of the left state

"SET" : pressing the key may change the value of items . When the sec, modification ad been completed , you must press the "CLEAN" all time and press "SET" TO ENTER THE "3""4"setting .
Otherwise it will return to the running state , the "3" setting is the value of protection at Max R.M.P the "4" is about heating machine, the consumer must make it`s running to reach the value of setting (during proper) .and the value of setting is read , the R.M.P of machine can be adjusted . Otherwise the machine only run in a certain value at low speed.
  1. "R.P.M": press the key to display the value of rmp, when the actual rmp exceed the value of protection , the machine will stop and the value will be flash , then press the key to avoid the state

  2. "RESET" : press the key to make cloth counter to zero in running state

  3. "CLEAN" when the counter reaches the value of first section setting , the panel display the indication to clean , press this key to execute to clean, if not, press the "RESET" to restart

this key is on/off the power if inverter , turn on the power, the indicator is lighting ,turn off the power, the indicator isn`t lighting
press the key is on the fan in running or not, if it starts up quickly , the fan will run after five seconds , if it is running in low speed , the fan will be off.

"MOTION": if the motion faction is opened, the machine will still run in low speed . When top or bottom yarn broken, needle or spray oil abnormal and cloth broken. But other abnormal fault , the machine will stop

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