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LCD Quality Control?
Nov 07, 2016

In recent years, as the technology of the LCD industry to mature, production equipment, the popularity of technical factors such as transparent, and many of the manufacturers involved in the production and sales of large-screen LCD, products of variable quality. While due to circulation Yu rental market of LCD screen new old degree varies, technology and quality level different, industry disorder competition, reasons caused performances activities in the LCD mosaic screen play accident frequency sent of phenomenon, light is will effect program effect, heavy is will effect program completed degrees, and led to again recording,, into met live process in the appeared play accident is will produced immeasurable of serious consequences, how reduced or avoid LCD mosaic screen play accident has became industry must attention of problem.

Demand for rentals, try to choose a good reputation in the industry the strength of suppliers

Vendor strength degree determines the quality of the mosaic screen, as well as strong suppliers also have a professional technical strength and rich experience, and equipment maintenance and operation ability is stronger. According to the actual needs of the screen to select, not excessive, is often used for a while the screen with better stability and performance.

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