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Outdoor Advertising Blitz Of High(2)
Nov 07, 2016

3. release section

Outdoor advertising player 24 hours continuous playback, the information conveyed is the clock. This feature makes it easier for the audience to see, can better steer potential customers crowd, players with fewer costs to achieve better publicity.

4. the low rate of public disgust

Outdoor advertising can broadcast technology, real and timely broadcast to more audiences. Includes themes, features, arts, animation, radio dramas, television series such as, rich in content, avoid the audience consciously active avoidance of contact with obstacles. Research shows that the resentment of outdoor advertising advertising rate is far below the rate of television advertising offensive.

5. City grade

Government agencies use outdoor advertising press release from Government and urban videos, you can beautify the city's image, improving the quality and taste of the city. Outdoor advertising is now being widely used in sports stadiums, Conference Center, advertising, transportation and so on, it reflects a city's economic, cultural and social life.

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