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The Important Effects Of Dust On The LCD
Nov 07, 2016

1. reduction of contrast

Contrast ratio is defined as the large screen display unit can output the maximum brightness value divided by the brightness of the darkest value, when in the dark scene of dust on the optical components will be reflected when you stray, should not cast light from the lens projected out, increase the brightness of the shadow. As light as part of the light are blocked by dust, reduce the amount of light reflection and penetration, while the value of reducing the brightness of the light, which naturally fell back and forth the contrast.

2. color wheel speed

LCD color wheel is color important parts, which have a high speed motor, speed of approximately 7200 revolutions per minute. If a lot of the dust around the color wheel, will affect the color wheel rotates, causing color wheel speed or stability, have failed.

3. screen brightness down

LCD Brightness through reflective lenses and output brightness of the lens, if the dust accumulation on the surface of optical components, reflectance and transmittance decline caused a decline in brightness over time.

4. the resulting image appears fuzzy

When the dust on the internal screen splicing of optical components, when accumulated to a certain extent, it will change the path of light, resulting in gain when focusing the light on the same points, so will make the display images on the screen became blurred. Usually everyone thought that the dust is just affecting the surface of the LCD, but do not know has such a big effect on LCD function, on a daily basis, be sure to pay attention to dust, to extend the service life of the product.

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