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Touch Screen Panel The Main Features
May 27, 2017

 Touch Screen Panel The touch screen, also known as the "touch screen", "touch panel", is an inductive liquid crystal display device that accepts input signals such as contacts. When touching the graphic buttons on the screen, the touch- According to a pre-programmed program to drive a variety of connection devices, can be used to replace the mechanical button panel, and by the LCD screen to create a vivid sound effects. Touch screen as a new computer input device, it is the most simple, convenient, natural way of a human-computer interaction. It gives the multimedia to a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device. Mainly used in public information inquiries, leading office, industrial control, military command, video games, Dot a la carte, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale and so on.

  Touch Screen Panel A feature of the touch screen:

Transparent, it directly affects the visual effects of the touch screen. Transparent and transparent degree of the problem, the infrared touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen only separated by a layer of pure glass, transparent can be considered the leader, the other touch screen this point will have to scrutinize some, "transparent" in the touch screen industry, just a very General concept, a lot of touch screen is a multi-layer composite film, only a little transparent to summarize its visual effects is not enough, it should include at least four features: transparency, color distortion, reflectivity and clarity, but also Points, such as the degree of reflection, including the degree of mirror reflection and diffraction reflectance, but the touch screen surface diffraction reflex has not yet reached the extent of CD, the user, the four measures have been basically enough.

Due to the existence of light transmission and the wavelength curve, through the touch screen to see the image inevitably with the original image produced a color distortion, static image feeling is only color distortion, dynamic multimedia image is not very Comfortable, color distortion is the figure in the largest color distortion is naturally the smaller the better. Usually the transparency of the picture can only be the average transparency in the figure, of course, the higher the better.

  Touch Screen Panel Reflectivity, mainly refers to the mirror reflection caused by the image on the overlap behind the light and shadow, such as silhouette, windows, lighting and so on. Reflective touch screen brings the negative effect, the smaller the better, it affects the user's browsing speed, serious even when the image can not be identified characters, reflective strong touch screen use environment is limited, the scene of the lighting layout is also forced to adjust. Most of the touch screen with the presence of reflective problems are provided with another type of surface treatment: matte touch screen, also known as anti-glare type, the price is slightly higher, anti-glare reflective significantly decreased for brightly lit hall or exhibition Place, however, anti-glare type of light transmission and clarity also will have a more substantial decline. Clarity, some touch screen after installation, writing fuzzy, fuzzy image details, the whole screen appears to be vague, do not see clearly, this is the poor clarity. The problem of clarity is mainly the multi-layer film structure of the touch screen, due to the light between the film and the refraction caused by refraction, in addition to anti-glare-type touch screen due to surface scrub also caused the decline in clarity. Clarity is not good, easy to fatigue eyes, the eyes have some damage, buy touch screen to pay attention to discrimination.

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