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Without The LCD, You're OUT!
Nov 07, 2016

LCD: stitching large screen has occupied the leading position in the field, according to the market research firm IHS survey pointed out that global public display, commercial display a compound annual growth rate of 8.3% in 2015, shipped about 4.4 million, will grow to 7.7 million units by 2020. 1th quarter of this year large public display panel shipments grew rapidly, mainly because of the increased demand for education and enterprise markets, and shipment size is 32 inches, 49 inches larger development. IHS pointed out that this year, public and commercial display panel is also accelerating the development towards larger sizes, 60 inch ~69 inch size of the display panel is the most widely used category, while 70-inch ~79 inch display panel size category is the most rapid growth, was applied to the education market, and vertical commercial signage. Improvement of end-user application demand, the market is to adjust the various display technologies-the "survival of the fittest".

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